Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Britton Daniel arrives 1-8-08

Our son Britton surprised us by coming into this world five weeks early at 7:43 a.m. this morning weighing 5 lbs. 13 oz.! We are so thankful for everyone's prayers for us as it has been a very scary day.

Here is an update of our day thus far:
At 6:30 a.m. Emily woke up and noticed she was bleeding. We rushed to the hospital where they struggled to find his heartbeat (they finally thought they found a very slow one on ultrasound). The doctor called a stat c-section, and Britton was born just 7 minutes later. It appears that Emily had a placental abruption. The doctor told us prior to delivery that the situation did not look good. At birth, Britton had no heart beat, but they were able to resuscitate him with CPR, epi & bicarb after 9 long minutes. He had lost most of his blood, thus the reason his heart stopped.

The praise is he survived and is doing so much better! He is still a very sick baby with all kinds of wires coming out of him as you can see in the pictures. His color is getting better, and his heart rate and blood pressure are both normal & stable. He has already been off the ventilator for a number of hours now (a huge praise!). Currently, he is breathing room air via nasal tubes. They are estimating that he will be here for two weeks or so. We are so grateful for this wonderful prognosis, and just can't wait to be able to hold him in our arms.

We've had an outpouring of visitors already for which we are so thankful. Again, thank you for your visits, calls and prayers. We are so grateful that God has brought this beautiful miracle boy into our lives. We are clinging to the hope we have in Christ and are mercifully asking God to completely heal this precious son of ours.


Jen & Jonathan said...

Congratulations!!! We are so excited it's a boy! We will definitely be praying for sweet little Britton. Can't wait to see pics of you guys holding him :)

sarah said...

Emily & Danny,
I am up late tonight because I just couldn't sleep-thinking about you two and little Britton. I'm so happy to see this picture of baby Britton! He looks like Danny (sorry Em)! I've been praying for your new little family so much today. Love you all! Danny, please give Emily & Britton a hug for me.

sarah & tim

The Giffen Family said...

We are so thrilled to read the update about Britton. He (and the two of you) have been in the prayers and thoughts of many in our community, family, and state. Congratulations and PRAISE be to GOD!! We love the pictures! Love all THREE of you! :)

Peggy Johnson said...

The pictures are wonderful!! We are certainly agreeing with you in your prayers for healing of our dear little Britton. How exciting that he is improving so quickly!

God has been to the future and knows all you are experiencing and is giving you the grace to face it. He will not let go of any of the three of you. As all of us are, YOU are his favorites!

Elizabeth Brown said...

This is great news! Sarah is keeping me posted on Britton's progress. What a beautiful little boy! I can not wait to see him.

I will continue to pray for each of you. I love you all so much.


Jill & Ryan said...

Kelley Brown passed your news to me . . . I'm just thrilled for you both and will be praying for Britt's health! He is just beautiful!
-Jill Puckett Aldridge

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!!!! Britton is beautiful! Your family is in our prayers!!!
Brian and Jennifer Williams

KATHY said...


I am late finding out about your beautiful new baby boy! Looks like I missed a lot of excitement, but I am so happy all is well. You have such a great little family now, and you will be a wonderful mom. Please keep me posted.

Kathy Potts