Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Boy

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Such a Ham

Can you tell that our boy is already a huge flirt?

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stowe Away

As many of you know, I was in
Vermont this past weekend with some buddies of mine from college. (In Picture L to R: John (eyes shut), Joe (crouching), Scott Berry (always use his last name), Yours Truly, Afshin, and Clay) I get together with these other 5 men each year to encourage, pray, sharpen, correct and enjoy. It’s one of the highlights of my year as we gather together and share what God has been doing in our lives this past year and areas that we need prayer or encouragement. And of course, this past year has had lots on my plate! (Britton, graduation, ordination, baptism, plus a host of other non-blogging items) Each guy gets in a hot seat for about 2 hours and pours out their past year. Afterward, we probe and comment on items that need improvement or prayer. It can be a little draining but it is sweet to know you have men that have been with you through thick and thin, that can be honest and get in your face if need be. I always leave challenged by the takeaways and encouraged about our next get together. We end each person's time by laying hands on him and praying. It humbles me that God has brought men such as these into my life. I treasure their friendships.

This year my buddy Joe in Boston hooked us up with a place in Stowe, VT--and it was absolutely beautiful. We've had our gathering in Texas, Alabama and North Carolina in the past. We attempt to make good use of our time with some fun as well. Between Alpine sledding, biking, swimming, touring the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream factory, watching the olympics and working out, I believe we did all we could do!

Funny story of the weekend: My brother (Scott) was able to book me a free first class ticket to Burlington which was not too shabby. Problem was my friend John was also on this flight but in coach. Because of my brother’s connections, they labeled me as a VIP in the passenger logs. A stewardess approached me and asked what made me a VIP? I decided I might get more play out of this if I played it quiet so I commented, “I’d rather not discuss it.” Boy, did that make her even more curious. She went to the pilot and shared about the mystery guest. I tried my best to impersonate George Clooney, but I don’t think they were ever confused by that. She then asked if I needed anything. I requested that they bump my friend John up to first-class as well since there was an extra seat.. At that moment, John approached and began schmoozing the stewardess and begging for a free upgrade. She gave him the big rejection. We then had a stop over in Baltimore so John asked to use the restroom in the terminal (off the plane). She obliged. When he left, she told me, "we’re gonna have fun with him! Go grab his bags and put them in first class but don’t let him know." When he returned with the rest of the people boarding the plane, I motioned for him to sit with me for a second. The stewardess gets on the loud speaker and states sternly that all passenger need to sit in their assigned seats—all the while glaring at John. He was completely embarrassed as she sternly shewed him back to the back with the peasants (what we refer to coach people when you fly first). About 3 minutes later, John frantically runs up--right before take-off in a panic screaming, “Someone’s taken my bag!!!”. I pretended not to care too much which infuriated him even more. The stewardess made him describe the bag in full detail (in front of all first class, many of whom were catching on that something fishy was going on). As she opened the overhead compartment, lo and behold, there was his bag. He yelped, “That’s it! That’s my bag!!!!!” At that point he saw that he had some been punked. Everyone laughed as he took his seat next to me. It was one of the funniest moments I’ve ever had on a plane. It is never boring when you travel with John.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On the Road

While Danny vacationed in Vermont with some of his college buddies last weekend, Britton & I packed up and headed west. We spent a couple of days in Memphis visiting friends, and then went down to Oxford, Miss. to visit my sister. We had a great time seeing friends, meeting babies, and spending time with family. Britton continues to be a great traveler for which I am so thankful. I was wondering how he might do now that he is a bit older and doesn't sleep like a new baby does, but he did great. Slept the entire time there and back. Can't ask for anything more! Here is a photo recap of our trip:

My friend Elizabeth meets the little guy. She spent about 100 hours knitting a beautiful blanket for our boy!

B with Donald (Elizabeth's hubby).

Puppies! A well-groomed Hattie and Oliver tolerated our scraggly Piper while we stayed with them in Memphis.

Two little prayed-for miracle boys! Britton and I finally got to meet baby Wyatt, the son of my friends Mary-Dare and Lee. Wyatt is about two months younger than Britton, however, they were only due about 3 weeks apart so they are right at the same size.

Me holding Britton and Jane, Wyatt's big sister.

We would certainly be on our toes all the time if we had a sweet & sassy Miss Jane running around our house. She is a fun little girl!

On to Oxford ...

We hit Bottletree, one of my favorite spots in Oxford, where Britton ponders THE Bottletree cinnamon roll. To eat or not to eat?

Handsome boy.

Britton fits right into my crazy family.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

He Remembers

When my mom visited us in July, she and Britton started the "head butting" thing, which is so the wrong term because it is actually a very sweet thing. Britton starts with a big grin on his face, then looks at you very seriously and lowers his head to your forehead. It is so sweet. He began doing this with Danny about a month ago, and then perfected it with my mom at her last visit. So, this weekend, Britton & I went to Oxford to visit my sister who is starting her Masters of Accountancy year at Ole Miss. We met my mom there, and the minute I put Britton in her arms, he looked at her and with a big smile on his face, leaned in to do the forehead thing. It was so sweet! He did it the whole weekend every time she held him. The boy knows his GrandMarna!!!

Getting some grandma-loving at Bottletree.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

In the Freezer

Since Britton started on solids a couple of months ago, I have taken on the task of making most of his baby food. Why all the effort? It's great to know exactly what is in the food we give him, and it ends up being a good bit cheaper since he is quite the eater. Well ... he is a great eater when he is not teething (still no teeth to show for all the teething action going on!).

For the next couple of weeks, he'll be enjoying the purees I made from fresh butternut squash, cherries, green peas, tomatoes cauliflower & basil, sweet potatoes, broccoli, squash & zucchini, cauliflower, mango, peaches & apples.

But the home run hit is...

It also has a little cheese in it, which is our first shot at dairy. Seems like he's a big fan!

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Jumping Fool

Britton loved playing in Baby Weaver's Jumperoo the other night. We have a doorway jumper at home, which he loves, too, but the Jumperoo is stationary so his only option is to jump (& stomp). It was a blast seeing him have so much fun.

And some footage of the action:

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mama & Her Mini-Me

When I was growing up, I was told ad nauseam how much I looked like my mother. And now that I have a child, I often hear from others how much he looks like me. I have to say that I don't see it as much as everyone else does, but I can tell that he looks like my side of the family, for sure. Danny still gets the occasional vote, but for the most part, I think my genes reigned in this kiddo.

Here are a few photos of me and my boy:

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Goodbye, Catherine

We had a going away soiree the other day for one of my coworkers who is embarking on quite the adventure. Britton came with his party pants on.

"What up?!?" Britton making funny faces with Merry Michael.

Britton loved (er, manhandled) the limes!

He doesn't even make sour faces ... loves 'em!

Britton with Catherine, the honoree. Her adventure reminds me of when I joined the Peace Corps and went to Morocco. Fun times, if even for a short time. We'll miss you, Catherine! Can't wait to read about your exciting times in the U.S. and abroad.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Saturday at the Park

We had a great day with Britton last Saturday at the park. We went in search of a park with bucket swings for babies, and did he ever love it?! We are looking forward to the cooler days of Fall so we can take him to the park more often.

Happy boy! I have a feeling that he has spoiled us by being such a happy & content baby. Not that we are complaining ... we love happy & content!

Kicked back, relaxed.

He was way into this dog. The dog, not so much.

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Furry Friends

After we took Britton's 7-month pictures the other day, I left the room, and came back to find that Danny had included a few more of Britton's friends in the photo shoot.

... and then some more...

...and then some more.

"Help, Mama!"

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