Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coos, Cries & Other Various Noises

We haven't posted videos in awhile, so here are a couple that show what Britton is like these days. Lately, he just jabbers away with his sweet noises. I was telling some friends today how much I love the 3 to 4 month age, and they told me they said the same thing every month because it just keeps getting more fun.

Watching these videos, it is hard for me to believe this is the same baby boy I first met on Jan. 8. He is just growing up so fast, and even though he's only going on 4 months, he already seems like such a little boy.

Who knows what he's "saying" here but he starts to get pretty emphatic about it:

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Loving Uncle Ryan

When Britton's Uncle Ryan was in town the other weekend, they sat down for a little talk.

"This is how you tickle your Daddy ..." Uncle Ryan said. "And he especially likes it when you get his sides and his feet."

Giggles from Britton. "You're so funny Uncle Ryan."

Here's a close up of that giggle.

Oh, what fun to come!

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Heart Baby Britton

Here are some pictures of the little guy taken over the last couple of weeks. He is 15 weeks old and just at 12 lbs. as of his doctor's visit this week. He is really starting to get attached to me lately. When he cries, sometimes only Mama will do. So sweet!

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Britton's Great Grandfathers

Here is Britton pictured "with" two of his great-grandfathers. While we were in Jackson last week, we went by the University of Mississippi Medical Center where portraits of my grandfathers hang. May sound kind of crazy to take photos with paintings, but since Britton's namesake is one of them, we couldn't pass up the opportunity.

Here is Britton's great-grandfather & namesake, Samuel Britton Johnson. He was the ophthalmology chair for 40 years or so at the hospital, thus his painting graces the hallways. He originally came from west Texas but married a Mississippi girl and settled there. One of the cool things about Britton being named after him is that several of his features take after the Johnson side of the family. He died 8 years ago in a white water rafting accident out west. Yes, he was quite the adventurer. He would have been 82 today.

And here is Britton with his great-great grandfather, Henry "Doc" Boswell. He founded Mississippi's tubercolosis hospital way back in the day, thus the place of honor his picture has at the hospital. He was my Mima's father.

I love these pictures and am so glad we took the time to do this.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

More Comments

Here are a few more comments that really touched our hearts. We love that Britton's story has touched many, and it means so much to us to hear your thoughts. As well, the gravity of Britton's rocky beginning hits us every time we hear from a medical professional about what a miracle he is. Thanks to you two for sharing your thoughts with us ...

From a dear friend who experienced the loss of her baby at birth (shared with permission):
I just saw the latest updates on Britton. I am so overjoyed at his most recent results.
Even though we have two children now, Britton has truly been the key to restoring my faith. Because of our own history and because I know just enough medical stuff to drive anyone mad; I was so scared for you. I can say this to you now. I would have never said it then. You needed everyone to be positive and to have faith. Don't get me wrong -- I prayed for you and tried to remain faithful. The odd thing was that when it all started, my faith was so small, but with each piece of good news my faith grew stronger and I was more able to pray in true trust of God's hand. Though my purpose was to pray for Britton's healing, his healing and his life itself were instrumental in healing a very broken part of my spirit. For this, I will forever be in awe of God. I say, admittedly, that I have a long way to go. The hurt over the loss we have experienced at times drives me away from God. But who knew that long after becoming friends, we would live through these traumatic events, and that one would follow the other to offer so much healing. I am forever grateful to God and to your family for allowing me to be part of something so miraculous.
From a doctor friend of ours:
The God we worship is a God of miracles, the impossible. I did not
know his APGARs were so
low ... wow. You probably did not know
but I did one LONG year of OB internship,
and we never had an
abruption baby, especially with APGARs that low, that really had
a good outcome at all. Divine intervention clearly.

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How Cool is This?!

Britton is a blog star in Romania:

As many of you know, Danny has led mission trips to Romania three times now to work with the Richard Wurmbrand School -- a Christian high school in Iasi, Romania. This is their latest blog post on Britton.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nothing for Granted

Thank you, dear friends, for all of the kind emails we have received regarding Britton's latest test results. A couple, in particular, really struck us and we thought we would share. Many of you, admittedly sometimes like us, may be immune to all the "good news" we have shared over the months about Britton because, frankly, there has been so much of it. First, he crossed seemingly insurmountable hurdles, then big hurdles, then little hurdles, and now we're just living the "normal" life of parenting a 3-month old. The emails today from two friends reminded us, especially, of the truly miraculous nature of Britton's healing and that we should take no bit of good news for granted. Since we didn't ask if we could share their words with the blog world, we'll keep their identities anonymous.

The words of a former pediatric surgeon:
I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was to go to the blog. Because my first career was caring for birth injured babies, I knew way too much to have any optimism about Britton. I will add this to my short list of unquestioned divine healings.

The words of a friend:
I have been praying for and monitoring Britton's situation. As a father, I greatly empathize with those whose children -- and hence the parents -- suffer. I had little reason to believe, hope really, that Britton's situation would be anything but catastrophic. My wife, you may know, is a labor & delivery nurse, and her take on his future, barring Divine intervention, seemed very dark. Now, to read your blog, I am dumbfounded. How could a child go so long without oxygen and be 100% normal? Praise God. For He is good. I am moved to tears for you, Emily, and your sweet boy.

Praise God!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back to the NICU & a Good Doc's Visit

We took a trip back to the hospital last night to visit a friend of ours & we popped by the NICU for an impromptu visit with Britton's former doctors & nurses. (Wanda, if you're reading this, we are definitely coming back on a day you are there.) It was good to see all the familiar sweet faces, and they seemed to really enjoy seeing Britton all full of smiles!

In other (wonderful) news, Britton had a follow-up EEG today and a visit with his neurologist. This is the first time we have been present when the EEG was performed and it was very interesting. They attached about 50 little electrodes to his head and there were wires everywhere. I got to sit in a big lounge chair and hold him while the EEG was going on. They put relaxing music on and turned the lights out and we both fell asleep, which is what they wanted him to do. He even stayed asleep despite them flashing strobe lights in his eyes. We saw the neurologist afterward and he said the results of this test were 100% normal!!! Britton's other three EEGs (all in the hospital) showed slight abnormalities, so we are so excited that this test indicated that his brain has recovered from all the trauma. He also said that clinically he looks perfect and right on target. It was after he said all this that he went back to Britton's chart and reviewed his birth history. His response was "WOW!" He was shocked that this was the same baby that had a 0/0/3 APGAR score at birth (0 at 1 minute, 0 at 5 minutes, & 3 at 10 minutes). Yes, folks, that is very low. Funny side note ... Britton had a major diaper blow out while we were waiting for the doc in the exam room. And, I mean major. Probably his biggest one yet. Since I didn't have a change of clothes, he & his diaper-clad self just had to work it out as is. Good thing it was a warm day.

We are also continuing to see a therapist a couple times a month. At our last appointment, she said Britton is doing so well that he really doesn't need therapy anymore. I never thought they would say that at just 3 months of age. We are going to continue with therapy, at least for monitory purposes, but it is so great to have another expert tell you that he is doing so well!

Needless to say, we are beyond blessed with this little guy. Just surviving would have been miraculous, but he is totally thriving. We are amazed! God has been so glorified through Britton's life and the prayers of His people.

Praise the Lord! I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart, in the company of the upright, in the congregation. Great are the works of the Lord, studied by all who delight in them. Full of splendor and majesty is his work, and his righteousness endures forever. He has caused his wondrous works to be remembered; the Lord is gracious and merciful.
Psalm 111:1-4

Dr. Bruce and Amy with Britton

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Cousin Will Visits

Danny's brother, Ryan, and his wife, Danica, & son, Will, came from Illinois to visit us this weekend! It was Danica & Will's first time to meet Britton, and we had a great time with all the Giffen boys! We had beautiful spring weather while they were here and we spent our time walking in the neighborhood, cooking out, and going to the Botanical Gardens.

Will, who is almost 10 months old, is Britton's only first cousin. He is a very active little boy. I can't believe Britton will be at this stage in only 6 months. It seems like light years from where he is now. Anyway, while watching little Will, Danny & I realized we have a lot to do to get our house ready for a cruiser & crawler! Here are some pictures from our time together.

Ryan, Danica & Will at the Botanical Gardens.

Giffen boys on an evening walk in the neighborhood.

Will & Britton.

Danny, Emily & Britton at the Gardens.

Will trying to get Britton's feet.


Britton was fascinated with Uncle Ryan and all the funny noises & faces he can make.

Loving Uncle Ryan.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Here are pics from the last couple of weeks of Britton & I making the rounds to see friends & meet babies ...

Back in the day, my friends Esther & Tina & I had so much fun as single girls together. And, now, we're all wives & mamas. Here we are with the babes ...Tina with Charlotte, age 4 months (on right) and Esther with Rebekah Brooke, age 2 months (on left), who shared the same due date as Britton.

Britton with Charlotte & Rebekah Brooke.

Little Britton & Rebekah Brooke ... I think these two could pass for twins! 

My friend Sarah juggling Britton & sweet Henry (10 months).

Jennifer finally gets to hold Britton! We go all the way back to junior high and she is now a pediatrician in Jxn. She drove all the way from Jxn on the day Britton was born to be with us & to check on him in the NICU. 

Jennifer, Jonathan & little JT met Britton a couple of weeks ago. 

With dear friends David & Corinne as they passed through town.

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First Trip

Britton took his first trip to Jackson this week, and he traveled like a pro. Yes, I know there are many of you thinking, "why didn't we get to see you?!". It was such a packed couple of days. We got to see a lot of folks, but we couldn't do everything, so we also missed a whole lot of friends. No worries. We'll be back.

Anyway, back to the part where he traveled like a pro. I had him fed, diapered & tired by the time we left here and he slept the entire way to Jackson. His eyes popped open as we pulled in to the driveway, so I couldn't ask for a better trip. I hope this is an indication of how well he'll do on our upcoming trips to Oxford, Destin & Dallas.

Here are some pics of B with his GrandMarna (grandmother) and Mima (great-grandmother).

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


For the last couple of weeks, Britton has been mimicking us when we stick our tongue out at him. When he first started doing it, I thought surely it was just a coincidence that his tongue popped out. But it soon became apparent that he was doing it on cue. It is the cutest thing ... he will watch us do it and then kind of move his tongue around in his mouth, and in the deepest of concentrations, he will slowly stick it out. And then he'll crack the biggest grin, and an occasional giggle. It is the first sign (to me at least) that something really is going on in that brain of his! Here are some pictures of our sweet thing caught in the act.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All Tucked In

Last weekend, a huge storm blew through town and knocked out our power. This would not have been so bad had I not had been stockpiling breastmilk in the freezer. You mamas will understand the urgency of the situation! Thankfully, we found refuge at a friend's house. So, we packed up in the dark, and schlepped Britton & all his stuff, and a few of our own things, and, of course, our laundry basket full of breastmilk over to our friends' house.

Here is Britton all tucked into bed that night (no, he's not sleeping in twin beds these days...just there for the photo op.)

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