Monday, March 28, 2011

My New(ly organized) Kitchen!

Those of you who have ever seen my pantry on a bad day, or even a good one for that matter, know that we have been in dire need of a serious kitchen organization! Well, we actually won a kitchen organization in a silent auction, and had an awesome organizer -- Rebecca Morris -- to come in and completely organize our kitchen ... disastrous pantry and all!

Rebecca came over first to survey the scene and put together a plan for our kitchen. She asked us lots of questions up front to learn our style and what we like to cook. Then, she spent two long mornings in our kitchen finding everything a perfect place and making a emily-do-you-really-use-this-pile. She made me rethink what is necessary, and I needed that. She did things I would likely not have done on my own (like throw out out-of-date spices that were overflowing out of my spice cabinet) ... I am so not a minimalist at heart. When all was said and done, we greatly appreciated her perspective, advice and fresh eyes. And we are loving our kitchen!

Here is an after picture of our pantry. It would mean a lot more if I actually had a *before* picture next to it, but I never took one. Even so, if I did have one, I'd probably be too embarrassed to show it here!

One of the amazing things in this process is that Rebecca didn't want to handicap us by taking apart our kitchen, so she provided meals both nights. Ummm, wow! And they were both incredible meals. Like, amazing incredible. One night she made the. best. pot roast. we've ever had. (Sorry, mom). And the next night, she made a Thai dish that the whole family loved.

For the local folks who read this blog, I highly recommend Rebecca if you are in need of a kitchen redo. She has been doing this for years for friends, but is now starting to do it as a side business. Highly. recommend. Her contact information is .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love This Face

And she loved her Daddy taking her out to breakfast recently. Or maybe it was the bacon.

Either way, I love this face!