Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Triple Joint Birthday

July 31 is a big day around here. It's the day my daughter, my sister and I all turn a year older. And for the second year in a row, we all got to be together on our day. I still marvel over the fact that we all share a birthday. My sister was born on the day I turned 9 years old. What a birthday present, huh? From then on, my birthdays were very different. I remember spending my 16th birthday at Chuck E Cheese with my sister and all her little friends. Fun times.

And I'll never forget the morning that we were given Lia Kate's file. I opened up her paperwork and the first thing I saw was "Date of Birth: July 31". And that was it for me. A sure sign from God that sweet Lia Kate was our daughter. She was meant to be in our family! And from then on, my birthdays have been VERY different. I am usually busy planning and making it a great day for her, which is such a joy and privilege.

Cinnamon rolls and party hats for breakfast!

Our yummy and unconventional birthday cake!

The kids were super excited about getting sleeping bags from GrandMarna.

Danny putting together Lia Kate's new dollhouse.

Me and my boy!

Until next year around this time...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Sweetest Moment I've Captured on Video

I had forgotten about this video until my mom recently found it. Here is a sweet moment that Britton and Lia Kate shared a few months back. Danny was doing the dishes while Britton finished his dinner. Lia Kate was upset about something and Britton was comforting her. Danny called me into the room and I was able to snap this video before the sweetness was all over.

And here is some more sweetness, just for good measure...

And before you go thinking that this is our every day life, let me assure you that I am still very firmly planted in the "referee" phase of life!