Thursday, November 15, 2012

Q&A About CC

Last month, I had Gretchen and Lillian from China Adoption Help get some questions answered about CC from the orphanage. These answers are from the beginning of October when she was just turning 8 months old. Here is the Q&A!

1. What are her current measurements – height, weight, head circumference, feet?
Height 66cm, Weight 6kg, Foot length 10cm.
(Height 26in, Weight 13lbs, Shoe size = 2)

2. What is her personality like?
She is extroverted. When she hears somebody calling her name, she will laugh and swing
her arms and legs, and make sounds like 'oh', just like she is talking with you.
3. Does she suck her thumb or fingers or a pacifier?
Yes, especially when she is not happy.
4. How do you comfort her when she’s upset? Does she like to be held?
She could only be upset when she is hungry or her needs not to be met. She loves being held.

5. Does she have a favorite toy or blanket? 
Teething toy is her favorite, she likes holding it and sometimes put it in her mouth.

6. What are her sleeping habits - how much does she sleep and when? Does she wake up at night? 
She likes to suck her finger to go to sleep. Nap time: 11:30am-1:40pm, night time: 8:30pm-6:00am. She needs to drink milk once around 11pm.

7. How many bottles a day does she drink?
5 times a day, formula with rice cereal, 250ml each time.

8. Who is she closest to?
Everyone likes her so much. 

9. Is she sitting up now?
Yes, but she is not willing to. She sits for a while and will ask for being held. 

10. What makes her happy? What makes her cry?
Nothing particularly.

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